Feels So Good never felt so good...

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's album Tongue & Groove spawned his 11th Billboard hit with Chill@Will! 

But there are some juicy tracks on that project which may not get as much attention, like Feels So Good.

No one has ever covered Chuck Mangione's iconic 1986 version, so since Gabriel has been handed the flugelhorn baton, he decided to reinvent an homage to the classic track. To that end, Gabriel enlisted Grant Geissman, the ORIGINAL guitarist on Mangione's version (who is currently charting with his own projects), and serendipitously is playing the exact same guitar he used on that evergreen song. Holding down the fort on rhythm and programming is the ubiquitous Miles Black, with Tony Moore on drums and of course Gabriel on flugelhorn.

You can stream or download both the radio version and the extended version below in your preferred format (click the three dots)

[Chuck Mangione/ Gates Music, Inc].

Feels So Good (radio edit) MP3 320  ISRC CAHG52100006

Feels So Good (extended mix) MP3 320   ISRC CAHG52100013

Feels So Good WAVE  (radio edit) 44.1/24  ISRC CAHG52100006

Feels So Good WAVE (extended mix) 44.1/24  ISRC CAHG52100013

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New Single: Litmus Test

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's album Tongue & Groove on Mesa/Bluemoon earned him his 11th Billboard hit with Chill@Will (featuring Bob Baldwin), and now Litmus Test (feat Daniel Seguin) is being released into the wild and going for an even dozen at Billboard!

This 'intricately simple' song features Gabriel on his sassy/saucy/sexy flugelhorn, Daniel Seguin on alto sax and rhythm programming, Tony Seville on percussion, and Tony Moore on drums. Check out the video at the bottom of this page!

ISRC CAHG52200008  By Gabriel Mark Hasselbach / Windtunnel Music/ SOCAN and Daniel Seguin /Doso Music/ SOCAN

Stream or download the 4:00 Radio Edit below. Click the 3 dots to download!


Wave 44.1/16

Wave 44.1/24

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Jazz Music Awards Finalists Announced!

Looks like I made the finalist list for Best Contemporary Album, so it's time for a humble-brag...

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, Tongue & Groove
Bob Baldwin, The Stay at Home Series, Volume 1
Brian Culbertson, The Trilogy Red
Sonny Emory, Soul Ascension

Presented by Jazz 91.9 WCLK, the Jazz Music Awards recognizes “a broad spectrum of creators within the national and international jazz world, from mainstream and contemporary musicians, vocalists, and big bands, to composers, individual songs, and full-length albums,” according to a release from the station. 


Gabriel's Radio Gold

Radio Gold is the solid evidence of Gabriel's innate sense of Ubersmoothness, with a compilation of créme de la créme tracks up through 2019.

Guest artists include Marc Antoine, Jeff Lorber, Paul Brown, Ronny Jordan, Rob Tardik, Darren Rahn, Chuck Loeb, Warren Hill, Brian Bromberg, Bob Baldwin, Greg Manning, Rock Hendriks, and more....  

" ......with Gabriel leading the charge. Contemporary jazz fans can’t miss with this one!" D. Oscar Groomes O's Place Jazz Newsletter http://www.OsPlaceJazz.com
"...Hasselbach and keyboardist Jeff Lorber are the dream team be it as performers or composers of this album. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach shining on flute and trumpet again. Listening to Radio Gold is pure pleasure, but for the radio programmer rather a torture, because he delivers such an almost inexhaustible selection of highly qualified songs. Never before has the title of an album been so appropriate as in this case. I seldom had such a superb collection to review! ” Hans-Bernd Hülsmann, Düsseldorf, Germany Reviewer for Smooth Jazz Daily at smooth-jazz.de
".... hornmeister Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has outdone himself. Gabriel proves here that he can handle everything, and it’s easy to see why he can stand next to Rick Braun, Chris Botti, Cindy Bradley. I’m very pleased to be a part of his musical friends. This album is not only gold for the radio but also for your personal collection!" Patrick Van de Wiele Smoothjazz.eu http://www.smoothjazz.eu/index4.php

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Programmers: Thank You for Spinning MCMVol3!

Your spins and support for my most recent album MidCentury Modern Vol. 3 means a lot to me... much gratitude!

There may be a further rally in the future for this embarrassment of riches, and you could help! 

Keep your eye on Jazziz magazine and online for some in-depth and visual reporting on my journey thus far (I've been at it a long time!). 

You are most certainly inundated with new releases daily, with limited time to listen, but it is a well known fact that a little visualization helps to move things along for everyone. With that in mind, enjoy the videos below and keep spinning MCMV3! If you want to re-listen, download, or check the personnel, click here:


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So keep swinging,

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Slow Hot Wind (official): https://youtu.be/ZQR27ShhRdQ
Bring It Home To Me (official): https://youtu.be/vUQ9aEbJZts
Nutville (official): https://youtu.be/yCJyO79iN38
Jonah's Joint (official): https://youtu.be/g6hwKCWMuOY

Tongue&Groove for Industry Associates

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's Tongue&Groove album spawned his 11th Billboard hit Chill@Will (feat Bob Baldwin), and now launches the second single Heading North (feat. Paul Brown). The track charted on the BDS Most Added list the FIRST DAY OUT, so expectations are high!  Gabriel and Paul (with the help of Daniel Seguin) take you on an exciting road trip with Heading North!




HEADING NORTH (radio edit)

Full Album

1. PRESENCE OF MIND (feat. Daniel Séguin)   *  CAHG52100001 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin -Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN

  2.  CHILL@WILL (feat. Bob Baldwin)  **  CAHG52100003 -Gabriel Hasselbach/ Bob Baldwin  Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Funky Onion Music SESAC

  3.   HEADING NORTH (feat. Paul Brown)  *  CAHG52100004 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin -Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN

  4.   HANG ON TO YOUR LOVE   CAHG52100005 -Sade Adu and Stuart Matthewman -  Sony/ATV Songs LLC o/b/o Angel Music Limited

  5.  FEELS SO GOOD  (feat. Grant Geissman)  ***  CAHG52100006 -Chuck Mangione Gates Music, Inc.

  6.   SHOW ME ANOTHER WAY  *  CAHG52100007 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin -  Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN

  7.  LITMUS TEST  (feat. Daniel Séguin)     CAHG52100008 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin -Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN

  8.  DAAHOUD (feat. Chris Standring)    CAHG52100009 -Clifford Brown -Second Floor Music o/b/o Second Floor Music

  9.   SLIPSTREAM TURBULENCE (feat. Brian Hughes)     CAHG52100010 -Gabriel Hasselbach - Windtunnel Music SOCAN

  10. VANISHING SUMMER  CAHG52100011 -Gabriel Hasselbach/Jeffrey Holl -Windtunnel Music SOCAN

  11. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE ONE  *   CAHG52100012 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel  Séguin -Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN

  12. CHILL@WILL (Raincoast mix)  **  CAHG52100002 -Gabriel Hasselbach/ Bob Baldwin Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Funky Onion Music SESAC

  13. FEELS SO GOOD (Extended mix)  feat. Miles Black & Grant Geissman)


Executive Producer:  George Nauful    Producer:  Gabriel  Mark Hasselbach 

Co-produced with  Daniel Séguin *  with  Bob Baldwin **  with  Miles Black ***

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach ~ flugelhorn, flute and alto flute, trumpet, percussion, programming

Daniel Seguin ~ alto sax, tenor sax, keys, bass, drums programming  (1, 3, 6, 7, 11)     

Bob Baldwin ~ keys, programming (2, 12)    Paul Brown ~ guitar (3)    Brian Hughes ~ guitar (9)  

Chris Standring ~ guitar (8)    Grant Geissman ~ guitar (5, 13)   Tony Moore ~ drums (3, 5, 7, 9, 13) 

Miles Black ~ piano, organ, bass (5, 13)   Tony Seville ~ percussion (1, 3, 7, 8, 9)  

Rossi Tzonkov ~ bass (12)     Kat Hendricks ~ drums (10)    Jeffrey Holl ~ guitar, keys (10)   

Mastered at MR&D Craig Zurba and Future Disc  Steve Hall   Agency: Specialtytalent@gmail.com 

Mixed by Gabriel Mark Hasselbach except  Damon Castillo (2, 3, 6, 7, 12) and  Steve Sykes  (5, 13)


Heading North hits the airwaves

The second single 'Heading North' from Tongue & Groove launches in March on Mesa Bluemoon Recordings. It features the recognizable, succulent guitar of Grammy winner Paul Brown. It is a real road trip tune!

To download. click on the three dots!

Heading North 4:22

Download the wav file here

Radio Promo Spot