Gabriel's Radio Gold

Radio Gold is the solid evidence of Gabriel's innate sense of Ubersmoothness, with a compilation of créme de la créme tracks up through 2019.

Guest artists include Marc Antoine, Jeff Lorber, Paul Brown, Ronny Jordan, Rob Tardik, Darren Rahn, Chuck Loeb, Warren Hill, Brian Bromberg, Bob Baldwin, Greg Manning, Rock Hendriks, and more....  

" ......with Gabriel leading the charge. Contemporary jazz fans can’t miss with this one!" D. Oscar Groomes O's Place Jazz Newsletter
"...Hasselbach and keyboardist Jeff Lorber are the dream team be it as performers or composers of this album. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach shining on flute and trumpet again. Listening to Radio Gold is pure pleasure, but for the radio programmer rather a torture, because he delivers such an almost inexhaustible selection of highly qualified songs. Never before has the title of an album been so appropriate as in this case. I seldom had such a superb collection to review! ” Hans-Bernd Hülsmann, Düsseldorf, Germany Reviewer for Smooth Jazz Daily at
".... hornmeister Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has outdone himself. Gabriel proves here that he can handle everything, and it’s easy to see why he can stand next to Rick Braun, Chris Botti, Cindy Bradley. I’m very pleased to be a part of his musical friends. This album is not only gold for the radio but also for your personal collection!" Patrick Van de Wiele

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