VEJI 1981 Debut Album

The VEJI band made quite a stir upon arrival, and was First Place Winner of the 1981 Canadian Stage Band Festival.

Under the direction of the late Hugh Fraser, the band soared to unheard of heights for many years. This vinyl album was Executive Produced by Rocket Norton, and Produced by (Gabriel) Mark Hasselbach at Bullfrog Studios. Full credits are on the artwork. 

This is being posted in honour of the passing of founding member Hugh Fraser in 2020, and the 2023 passing of Jamie Croil, member and lead trumpeter on this recording.

Side One

Side Two


Gabriel's 2024 project in progress

I need help picking the first radio single, they all seem pretty cool.

Here is my work-in-progress album project, Count Your Lucky Stars, slated for a May 2024 release. None of these are absolute final mixes, and havent been mastered, but are approx 97% complete. I will update tracks in the background as they get nearer to completion, so check back often. Use the pCloud app for the easiest playback experience.

The pairing of Gabriel and Lew Laing Jr (who co authored Gabe's Billboard charting album Open Invitation) is a match made in heaven! Lew plays most all rhythm instruments and programming, Gabe plays trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, C and alto flutes). Guest appearances from Marion Meadows, Alfie Zappacosta, Miles Black, Eddie Bullen, Andrew Jacob Scott, and more.

This page is for close industry associates to help guide this project to a radio single pick- it feels like an embarrassment of riches sometimes- and finding the catchiest earworm may take some time. Keep listening through these and help pick a winner! please list your top 3 to  REFRESH YOUR BROWSER EACH VISIT!

Sunseeker (feat Marion Meadows)

Funky Lew

Force of Habit (feat Miles Black)

Count Your Lucky Stars

Paris Solstice (feat Miles Black)

Positive Space

Just a Little Fling

We Are (feat Alfie Zappacosta)

That Being Said

State of Play (feat Andrew Jacob Scott)

Written In The Stars (feat Eddie Bullen)

Show of Hands


Presence of Mind radio single

From the album Tongue & Groove by Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, comes the third single Presence of Mind.

Following on the heels of Gabriel's 11th Billboard hit Chill@Will from the same album, Presence of Mind will hit your sweet spot!

Written by Daniel Séguin and Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, produced by Gabriel, recorded in Canada, and all players Canadian... making it CanCon all the way! Gabriel on horns, Daniel Séguin on sax and rhythm.

ISRC CAHG52100001  On Mesa/Bluemoon Records  4:18

Download or stream the wav file below

Download or stream the 320 MP3 file below


Gabriel's Best Holiday Tracks

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach (trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, valve trombone, evi) has a plethora of releases under his name, including some tasty Holiday Tunes.

You can stream or download mp3 or wave files from this page (click on the 3 dots beside the play button if the download link isn't obvious in your browser) and you can view the video that goes with the song!

I'll Be There This Christmas  (CAHG52100014)
Christmastime Is Here (CAHG50700072)
AUDIO: (MP3)  
Let It Snow  (CAHG50700173)
Baby It's Cold Outside (vox by Gabriel and Kate Hammet-Vaughn) (CAHG50700076)
AUDIO: (MP3)  

White Christmas (CAHG50700079)
AUDIO: (MP3)  

Feliz Navidad  (CAHG50700082)
AUDIO: (MP3)   



Gabriel's Catalogue

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has a large catalogue of recordings, and walks the line between Contemporary and Mainstream Jazz.

He has 14 Billboard hits with his Contemporary projects and 3 JazzWeek hits with his Mainstream projects (MidCentury Modern Vol. 1, 2, 3).

You can stream or download these tracks right from this page!

1988 Solar Winds (contemporary)

2003 Gabriel's  Horns (contemporary)

2005 First Name Basis (contemporary)

2005 Swingin' Affair EP  (straightahead)

2008 Cool Down  (contemporary)

2010 Told Ya So  (won Album of the Year 2011 - contemporary)

2012 Kissed By The Sun (contemporary)

2014 Open Invitation (contemporary)

2018 MidCentury Modern Vol. 1   (straightahead)

2019 MidCentury Modern Vol. 2   (straightahead)

2021 Tongue & Groove (nominated for Best Contemporary Jazz Album at the 2022 Jazz Music Awards in Atlanta)

2022 MidCentury Modern Vol. 3   (straightahead)

2023 The Vocalists (compilation)

Gabriel EPK, Bio, Promo


Feels So Good never felt so good...

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's album Tongue & Groove spawned his 11th Billboard hit with Chill@Will! 

But there are some juicy tracks on that project which may not get as much attention, like Feels So Good.

No one has ever covered Chuck Mangione's iconic 1986 version, so since Gabriel has been handed the flugelhorn baton, he decided to reinvent an homage to the classic track. To that end, Gabriel enlisted Grant Geissman, the ORIGINAL guitarist on Mangione's version (who is currently charting with his own projects), and serendipitously is playing the exact same guitar he used on that evergreen song. Holding down the fort on rhythm and programming is the ubiquitous Miles Black, with Tony Moore on drums and of course Gabriel on flugelhorn.

You can stream or download both the radio version and the extended version below in your preferred format (click the three dots)

[Chuck Mangione/ Gates Music, Inc].

Feels So Good (radio edit) MP3 320  ISRC CAHG52100006

Feels So Good (extended mix) MP3 320   ISRC CAHG52100013

Feels So Good WAVE  (radio edit) 44.1/24  ISRC CAHG52100006

Feels So Good WAVE (extended mix) 44.1/24  ISRC CAHG52100013

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