MCM Vol. 3 - Preview for Industry Associates

MidCentury Modern Vol. 3 follows in the footsteps of Vol. 1 & 2

I figured I'd do something a little different for this recent album session, and the classic organ combo was the answer. I grew up on Jimmy Smith and the whole cadre, and always had that smoky groove in the back of my mind. Jason DeCouto, Nick Bracewell, and I already had a working trio and had all worked with John Lee, so that was the missing piece.  

I sent these to my friend Randy Brecker to get some feedback and song order suggestions, and he wrote back with this paragraph, which will make nice liner notes!

"Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is constantly honing his various crafts, as a multi-instrumentalist, composer/arr, and producer, and has come up with a new album that is his best yet, delving into Hammond B3 OrganTrio territory. I know this terrain well, growing up in Philly Pa. (from whence this style originated) and Gabe and company are right in the groove! Poppin'!"

Randy Brecker

MCM Vol.3 dropped in March on Mesa Bluemoon Records.

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The full album wav files can be downloaded here, and the song order and links are below. Click on the three dots to download!

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Read the LATEST REVIEW from Jazz Reviewer DeeDee McNeil here

Videos at the bottom!

 Jonah's Joint (an original tribute to Jonah Jones)

Bring It Home To Me (tribute to Blue Mitchell)

Big Dipper (written by Randy Brecker) 


Slow Hot Wind

Senor Blues
Easy Living
Lover Come Back To Me
Underground Vibe
Blue Miles
I Love You
You Don't Know What Love Is
I Love Paris
Angel Eyes
Blue Bossa


Jason DeCouto- organ/bass; Nick Bracewell- drums; John Lee- guitar; Gabriel Mark Hasselbach- trumpet. (tracks 1, 2, 3) / 

Mark Diamond - bass; Andy Weil - piano; Paul Romaine - drums; Gabriel Mark Hasselbach- trumpet, flute, alto flute, flugelhorn, valve trombone. (tracks 4-8) / 

Miles Black - piano; Craig Scott - drums; Miles Hill - bass; Gabriel Mark Hasselbach- trumpet, flute, alto flute, flugelhorn, valve trombone. (tracks 9-14).

Recorded at Carltone Studios, Mile-Hi Studios, and Windtunnel Studios 


Magazine spread

Jonah's Joint video: 

Bring It Home To Me​ video​: 

Big Dipper​ video​: 


I'll Be There This Christmas for Broadcasters

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach releases a soon-to-be holiday classic  I 'll Be There This Christmas on the Mesa Bluemoon label, on the heels of his 11th Billboard hit Chill@Will.  

After only a month this song hit #1 on the Holiday Chart!

Just for you industry movers and shakers! Available for download below and also available on all DSPs!

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ISRC: CAHG52100014        UPC code: 899653002857      The catalog# is: MB2857

I'll Be There This Christmas 

(wav 44.1/16)  click on the 3 dots next to the play arrow to download

I'll Be There This Christmas 

(mp3  320 bit)  click on the 3 dots next to the play arrow to download

Here is the storyline:

I’ll Be There This Christmas 

The flugelhorn - a German word meaning winged horn- is the perfect instrument for Gabriel to present ‘I’ll Be There This Christmas’ to the world.

The oft-told tale of a musician on the road, missing out on important family milestones, frames this storyline. 

Loneliness and longing give way to a bright outcome as all parties set in motion a journey to a long-awaited Christmas reunion. 

Gabriel’s sweet sound drives the concept, and orchestrations by Daniel Seguin perfectly underscores the memorable melody and chorus.

Radio spot for I'll Be There This Christmas 


Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is a nimble and lyrical flugelhornist, flutist, and trumpeter with mad skills. He has 15 albums under his name, 11 Smooth Jazz Billboard hits, a West Coast Music Award, plus the 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Album of the Year, and Instrumentalist of the Year Awards.



Back in 1976, Vancouver's premier Jazz Impresario Willi Germann presented the budding new group on the scene: GIBRALTAR.

GIBRALTAR featured a tenor-trumpet front line with Alex Michie and Mark Gabriel Hasselbach respectively, ace guitarist Russel Chan, hotshot drummer Daryl Miller, keyboard whiz Peter Dalzell, bassist Ken Williams, and a special vocal highlight from Joani Bye.

Listen to a recording of the whole show recently discovered on a cassette and converted to digital, side one and side two.

Side one

Side two


Gabriel and Trio perform live at James Street Grill

Gabriel performs a mix of jazzy material from his albums at James Street Grill with Tilden Webb (piano/bass), and Nick Bracewell (drums).

Cuein' the Blues



Bring It Home To Me




Make This Dream Last Forever

La Samba

I'm Gonna Go Fishin'

I'm All Ears

Comfort Zone



EPK Gabriel:





*10 Billboard hits (contemporary)

*JazzWeek (mainstream) hits CURRENT CHARTING

*Cocktail Party Series Podcast from Spain: Gabriel Mark Hasselbach Special with two hours of his best music and written commentary

*Test drive MidCentury Modern Vol. 2

*JUNO and JUNO/Technics Allstar Band Awards, Westcoast Music Award, Ampex Golden Reel Award

*Broke Spotify streaming records in 2019

*14 critically acclaimed albums - see reviews:

*Festivals from Montreux to Tokyo to Portugal to Mexico to USA to North Sea

*More time spent on the contemporary jazz charts than any other Canadian artist





Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is an anomaly in the jazz world, an award-winning mad skills artist who walks a tightrope over the great jazz divide. He is a well-seasoned trumpet/flugelhorn player, who also performs and records on flute, vocals, and valve trombone. He’s a true jazzer at heart, nailing down the trifecta of Mainstream, Contemporary, and NOLA styles, all the while knocking on the clubhouse door of the oh-so-rare crossover giants such as Bob James, Chuck Loeb, Randy Brecker, George Benson, Marcus Miller, etc.
He has several straight-ahead albums that have impacted the JazzWeek charts, but is best known in the Smooth Jazz world with 14 critically acclaimed releasesnine Billboard hits,  Album of the Year Award,  Instrumentalist of the Year Award, several JUNO awards (Canadian equiv of a Grammy), and a plethora of other awards including West Coast Music Award and gold album awards.
Gabriel has two recent projects mining both ends of the spectrum and causing quite a stir.
Last April he debuted MidCentury Modern Vol 1 at the New Orleans Jazz Museum, at the 2018 New Orleans Jazz Festival. MCM Vol 1 is a straight ahead old school romp that features jazz titans such as Ernie Watts, Cory Weeds, and Miles Black, and seasons it with some NOLA style hotsauce.

(if you need .wav files email
On the other side of the coin, Gabriel recently released Radio Gold, which has already started up the Billboard chart arc with ‘Most Added’ status the first day it dropped. It is a 19 track retrospective of his best contemporary works, including his Billboard hits, plus a brand new radio single Way After 8. This track features the iconic Brit guitarist Ronny Jordan, and is Ronny’s last recording before and after his untimely death in 2014. Gabriel's soaring flugelhorn and Ronny's fluid guitar is a match made in heaven.

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Or just the hi-rez mp3 SINGLE WAY AFTER 8 
(feat Ronny Jordan) 

Or just the .wav file for WAY AFTER 8 (feat Ronny Jordan) 

Download Way_After_8__feat_Ronny_Jordan___2019_radio_gold_.wav


Gabriel is no stranger to the festival circuit and has a long history of festivals (Montreux, JVC, North Sea, Maui, Tokyo, San Pancho, Chandler Jazz, etc) and rocks a great show. He also goes deep into the straight-ahead jazz lexicon, too. Gabriel works out of Vancouver, Phoenix, and New Orleans, and has performed in a plethora of countries, and has even performed for Presidents, Royalty and Bill Gates.
He has recorded and/or performed with well-known names like George BensonBob James , Jeff LorberChuck Loeb, Brian Bromberg, Bob Mintzer, Warren Hill, Paul BrownJeremy MonteiroLarry Coryell, Marc Antoine, Bob Baldwin, and a host of others.
Gabriel’s recognizable sound and innate lyrical style are key components in his ability to create succinct and inviting jazz content, without dumbing it down, regardless of which side of the jazz fence it falls.
Available at,, and all digital outlets.

WAY AFTER 8 went for adds March 18, 2019, and made the ‘Most Added’ chart the first day out and we are hoping to make this his 10th Billboard hit!  Radio support: Neal Sapper   +1 (510) 260-0004

Gabriel was working on Way After 8 a few years back, before guitarist Ronny Jordan's untimely death. It took a while to get all the clearances, but here it is in all its glory, a testament to the magic of the Gabriel/Ronny combination! 

This is a George Benson /Ronny Jordan co-write, and it really lets the guitar sing and leaves plenty of room for Gabe's tasty and emotive flugelhorn and flute. 

If you aren't all that familiar with Ronny, you should be, as he was iconic and prolific, especially in the UK, and worked with many of today's greats like Marcus Miller. Check him out on Wiki.

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Celebrate Fat Tuesday with 'Comin' Home for Mardi Gras'

Award winning, chart topping jazz musician Gabriel Mark Hasselbach heads back to his part-time residence in New Orleans to celebrate Fat Tuesday and so much more.

Check out the video:

Comin' Home for Mardi Gras (official)

Stream or download the track Comin' Home for Mardi Gras

​Moving up the charts: Mississippi Jump

Gabriel's New Orleans Street Party (official) 

See more of Gabriel in NOLA here.


Way After 8 - radio single from Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Check out Way After 8, the hot new single from hornmeister Gabriel's 2019 tour de force Radio Gold

It went for adds March 18, 2019, and made the ‘Most Added’ chart the first day out! We are hoping to make this his 10th Billboard hit!

Radio support: Neal Sapper   +1 (510) 260-0004

Gabriel was working on Way After 8 a few years back, before guitarist Ronny Jordan's untimely death. It took a while to get all the clearances, but here it is in all its glory, a testament to the magic of the Gabriel/Ronny combination! 

This is a George Benson /Ronny Jordan co-write, and it really lets the guitar sing, and leaves plenty of room for Gabe's tasty and emotive flugelhorn and flute. 

If you aren't all that familiar with Ronny, you should be, as he was iconic and prolific, especially in the UK, and worked with many of today's greats like Marcus Miller. Check him out on Wiki.

Download the Way After 8 (feat Ronny Jordan) wav file

Stream or download  Way After 8 (feat Ronny Jordan) hi-rez mp3


Gabriel: smooth and funky in concert

"Look out Rick Braun. Move over Chris Botti. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is a talent to be reckoned with."  Joseph Bertie The Warner Music Group

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is an anomaly in the jazz world, an award-winning mad-skills hornmeister who walks a tightrope over the great jazz divide. Gabriel can command any size stage, and brings his engaging show to audiences all over the world. His concerts combine the Contemporary and the Mainstream and are a bit like a mix of peanut butters, smooth AND chunky..... it's all good!

Gabriel has eleven Billboard hits (and several top 5's as featured artist with Paul Hardcastle and Bob Baldwin on their projects), plus the 2011 Smooth Album of the Year, and has performed and/or recorded with Jazz royalty for years, including Larry Coryell, Chuck Loeb, Paul Brown, Jeff Lorber, Marc Antoine, Greg Manning, Bob James, Warren Hill, Darren Rahn, Brian Bromberg, Bob Mintzer, Rob Tardik, and even George Benson and Gino Vanelli. When it comes to reviews of his baker's dozen albums, critics have always gushed

Algarve Jazz Festival, Portugal

Rocky Point Festival

San Pancho Festival, Mexico

Gabriel feat. Jeff Lorber, live in Las Vegas

Highlights from the Chandler Jazz Fest, Arizona

Highlights from a CD release show

Maui Jazz Festival

UnReal Blues Live at Frankie's 

Tohono Chul  AZ w/ Crystal Stark

with George Benson

Check out the video for Mississippi Jump 

and check out his bona fides with his hit single Charmed Life

Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards Show

plus Open Invitation album highlights:

Gabriel also can get down in a MAINSTREAMNEW ORLEANS bag.


MidCentury Modern Vol 2 for radio programmers

MidCentury Modern Vol. 2 is the follow-up to Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's powerful MCM Vol.1. 

Vol. 2 re-enlists the same winning personnel as Vol. 1, and features Ernie Watts (tenor sax), Cory Weeds (tenor sax), Miles Black (piano), Laurence Mollerup (bass), Joel Fountain (drums), and Olaf deShield (guitar).

Download the entire hi rez album here:

All album credits, ISRCs and track details at:

What the critics say:

MidCentury Modern Vol. 1:

"I just had a chance to listen to Gabriel Mark Hasselbach’s album “MidCentury Modern” and was astonished by all the great playing and great production values. Whether playing on a swing or funk tune, his great tone and impeccable phrasing comes through every time, like liquid gold. My favourite tracks are Mississippi Jump and Terra Firma, where he and Ernie Watts swing their buns off, and UberSmooth where Gabriel shows off his ability to make hearts melt. Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has outdone himself on this album."

Jeremy Monteiro - Singapore-based International jazz pianist/composer/author and EFG Bank International Arts Ambassador

"Very nicely done, adroitly performed and produced. Truly a high-level project." Rick Scott  Great Scott P.R.oductions (unsolicited)

"Once again, Gabriel Mark Hasselbach has produced an album of fine jazz... he swings hard.... you can wrap yourself up in his music and feel warm and satisfied. It’s the fiery  Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, on trumpet, (sometimes flute), that brings this project to a boil. He keeps the music alive and swinging throughout. Hasselbach always manages to insert bold funk and lovely melodies into productions that make you want to dance, sing  and swing."

JAZZIN’ IT UP By Dee Dee McNeil/Jazz Journalist


MidCentury Modern Vol. 1 for NOLA radio

Wind Tunnel Records- The boutique jazz label, the home of Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Gabriel's MidCentury Modern download page for NOLA radio programmers

MidCentury Modern is a winning trifecta -  the complete Gabriel - a seamless melding of straight ahead, contemporary, and NOLA styles. It is a trifecta of jazz where the sum is greater than the parts! This is a cohesive album nonetheless, with classic tunes featuring erudite and extensive soloing; beautiful ballads that coax out a hidden melancholy; and exuberant New Orleans flavors that get the party started.

STREAM OR DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE MIDCENTURY MODERN Vol. 1 by track (320kbps MP3 with artwork) Click here:

The stars are aligned: Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, valve trombone, vocal on Comin' Home for Mardi Gras

Ernie Watts - tenor on Terra Firma Irma; Cory Weeds - tenor on Blues On My Mind; Miles Black - piano; Joel Fountain - drums; Laurence Mollerup - dbl bass; Mike Taylor - vocal on Nature Boy; Olaf deShield guitar on Mississippi Jump (radio mix).

Gabriel has a plethora of awards, seven Billboard hits, and Album of the Year, Instrumentalist of the Year, and JUNO Awards.

CHECK OUT THE NEW VIDEO FOR MISSISSIPPI JUMP (radio edit) (shot in the Marigny NOLA)

And the content heavy Terra Firma Irma:

And the album version of Mississippi Jump:

Gabriel's New Orleans Street Party (concert stage)

Gabriel at Snug Harbor with the Uptown Jazz Orchestra

Gabriel at the New Orleans Jazz Museum: 'Comin' Home for Mardi Gras'

Gabriel at the Spotted Cat with Pat Casey's New Sound

Gabriel at Fritzels with the New Orleans Jazz Band

Gabriel with Joe Louis Walker and Larry Coryell

Gabriel in Tokyo (NOLA show)

All album credits, ISRCs and track details at:


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Wind Tunnel Records

You can find Gabriel's dozen or so albums under his own name in stores and online. The largest selection of tracks and physical cds is at the store, with iTunes, Amazon, and CD Universe servicing the online community. Gabriel's Holiday Notes now at iTunes too!