Tongue&Groove for Industry Associates

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's Tongue&Groove album spawned his 11th Billboard hit Chill@Will (feat Bob Baldwin), and now launches the second single Heading North (feat. Paul Brown). The track charted on the BDS Most Added list the FIRST DAY OUT, so expectations are high!  Gabriel and Paul (with the help of Daniel Seguin) take you on an exciting road trip with Heading North!



HEADING NORTH (radio edit)

Full Album

1. PRESENCE OF MIND (feat. Daniel Séguin)   *  CAHG52100001 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin -Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN

  2.  CHILL@WILL (feat. Bob Baldwin)  **  CAHG52100003 -Gabriel Hasselbach/ Bob Baldwin  Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Funky Onion Music SESAC

  3.   HEADING NORTH (feat. Paul Brown)  *  CAHG52100004 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin -Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN

  4.   HANG ON TO YOUR LOVE   CAHG52100005 -Sade Adu and Stuart Matthewman -  Sony/ATV Songs LLC o/b/o Angel Music Limited

  5.  FEELS SO GOOD  (feat. Grant Geissman)  ***  CAHG52100006 -Chuck Mangione Gates Music, Inc.

  6.   SHOW ME ANOTHER WAY  *  CAHG52100007 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin -  Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN

  7.  LITMUS TEST  (feat. Daniel Séguin)     CAHG52100008 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel Séguin -Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN

  8.  DAAHOUD (feat. Chris Standring)    CAHG52100009 -Clifford Brown -Second Floor Music o/b/o Second Floor Music

  9.   SLIPSTREAM TURBULENCE (feat. Brian Hughes)     CAHG52100010 -Gabriel Hasselbach - Windtunnel Music SOCAN

  10. VANISHING SUMMER  CAHG52100011 -Gabriel Hasselbach/Jeffrey Holl -Windtunnel Music SOCAN

  11. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE THE ONE  *   CAHG52100012 -Gabriel Hasselbach /Daniel  Séguin -Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Doso Music SOCAN

  12. CHILL@WILL (Raincoast mix)  **  CAHG52100002 -Gabriel Hasselbach/ Bob Baldwin Windtunnel Music SOCAN /Funky Onion Music SESAC

  13. FEELS SO GOOD (Extended mix)  feat. Miles Black & Grant Geissman)


Executive Producer:  George Nauful    Producer:  Gabriel  Mark Hasselbach 

Co-produced with  Daniel Séguin *  with  Bob Baldwin **  with  Miles Black ***

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach ~ flugelhorn, flute and alto flute, trumpet, percussion, programming

Daniel Seguin ~ alto sax, tenor sax, keys, bass, drums programming  (1, 3, 6, 7, 11)     

Bob Baldwin ~ keys, programming (2, 12)    Paul Brown ~ guitar (3)    Brian Hughes ~ guitar (9)  

Chris Standring ~ guitar (8)    Grant Geissman ~ guitar (5, 13)   Tony Moore ~ drums (3, 5, 7, 9, 13) 

Miles Black ~ piano, organ, bass (5, 13)   Tony Seville ~ percussion (1, 3, 7, 8, 9)  

Rossi Tzonkov ~ bass (12)     Kat Hendricks ~ drums (10)    Jeffrey Holl ~ guitar, keys (10)   

Mastered at MR&D Craig Zurba and Future Disc  Steve Hall   Agency: 

Mixed by Gabriel Mark Hasselbach except  Damon Castillo (2, 3, 6, 7, 12) and  Steve Sykes  (5, 13)