I'll Be There This Christmas for Broadcasters

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach releases a soon-to-be holiday classic  I 'll Be There This Christmas on the Mesa Bluemoon label, on the heels of his 11th Billboard hit Chill@Will.  

After only a month this song hit #1 on the SmoothJazz.com Holiday Chart!

Just for you industry movers and shakers! Available for download below and also available on all DSPs!

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ISRC: CAHG52100014        UPC code: 899653002857      The catalog# is: MB2857

I'll Be There This Christmas 

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I'll Be There This Christmas 

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Here is the storyline:

I’ll Be There This Christmas 

The flugelhorn - a German word meaning winged horn- is the perfect instrument for Gabriel to present ‘I’ll Be There This Christmas’ to the world.

The oft-told tale of a musician on the road, missing out on important family milestones, frames this storyline. 

Loneliness and longing give way to a bright outcome as all parties set in motion a journey to a long-awaited Christmas reunion. 

Gabriel’s sweet sound drives the concept, and orchestrations by Daniel Seguin perfectly underscores the memorable melody and chorus.

Radio spot for I'll Be There This Christmas 



Gabriel Mark Hasselbach is a nimble and lyrical flugelhornist, flutist, and trumpeter with mad skills. He has 15 albums under his name, 11 Smooth Jazz Billboard hits, a West Coast Music Award, plus the 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Album of the Year, and Instrumentalist of the Year Awards.