Way After 8 - radio single from Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Check out Way After 8, the hot new single from hornmeister Gabriel's 2019 tour de force Radio Gold

It went for adds March 18, 2019, and made the ‘Most Added’ chart the first day out! We are hoping to make this his 10th Billboard hit!

Radio support: Neal Sapper   +1 (510) 260-0004   newworldjz@gmail.com

Gabriel was working on Way After 8 a few years back, before guitarist Ronny Jordan's untimely death. It took a while to get all the clearances, but here it is in all its glory, a testament to the magic of the Gabriel/Ronny combination! 

This is a George Benson /Ronny Jordan co-write, and it really lets the guitar sing, and leaves plenty of room for Gabe's tasty and emotive flugelhorn and flute. 

If you aren't all that familiar with Ronny, you should be, as he was iconic and prolific, especially in the UK, and worked with many of today's greats like Marcus Miller. Check him out on Wiki.

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