Open Invitation - new recording from Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Open Invitation is garnering rave reviews and hitting the charts...... download the entire album and liner notes below.

See what the industry is saying about award winning multi-hornmeister Gabriel Mark Hasselbach:

From USA:

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's new CD "Open Invitation" on which he wrote all the tunes and plays trumpet, flugel, alto and C flutes, valve bone, and EVI, is a tour de force of arranging and production..... Gabriel sounds great on everything.... no easy task, and should be really proud of this one! You'll find yourself humming these tunes when you least expect it!  Randy Brecker ..... multiple Grammy winning trumpeter (Brecker Bros, etc)

"Canadian trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach returns on Open Invitation with his proven formula for success: a cadre of talented guest artists, fresh, funky rhythms ... in yet another winning set from GMH"   D. Oscar  Groomes, O's Place Jazz

From Germany:

"With Open Invitation it becomes apparent that Gabriel needn't shy away from comparison with any other trumpeter in the world" Hans-Bernd Hülsmann- Smooth Jazz Daily

From Canada:

"I recently received trumpeter Gabriel Hasselbach's new cd Open Invitation and I highly recommend it!  It's fast, classy and progressive and full of great all-star guest performers. I can see why the first single release, Propulsion, with special guest Greg Manning is sweeping the jazz world - it's just great music! I guarantee months of repeat playing of Gabriel's new music on my jazz program! Keep up the good work and great music Gabriel!"   Bill Sharpe, host of Newfoundland's only jazz program Cool Jazz On The Coast     (see more)

From Switzerland:

Gabriel - Open Invitation (2014)
Trumpet player Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - currently calling himself just Gabriel - comes up with an awesome album full of memorable tracks and tons of first-rate guest players, like Bob Mintzer, Bob Baldwin, Greg Manning and many others. The music is groovy and offers a lot of variety, the musicianship is on a high level, and the smooth trumpet and flugelhorn playing of the leader holds it all together. Great stuff!

Peter Boehi Switzerland

 #3 most played in  Australia        

Most added at Billboard         

Multiple Billboard Top Twenties       

Notable and rich EPK

CD Liner notes

Listen to full versions:

Count Me In (feat Adam Rohrlick)

Propulsion (feat Greg Manning)

Open Invitation (feat Cal Harris Jr)

Init2Winit (feat Dameian Walsh)

Charmed Life (feat Bob Baldwin)

Lovelight (feat Dee & Brittani Cole)

Let's Do This Thing (feat Olaf deShield)

Let It Slide (feat Bob Mintzer)

Aurora Borealis (feat Rock Hendricks)

Carte Blanche (feat Cory Weeds)

5 minute sampler medley

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Smooth Jazz Awards show 


Christmas Bonus for Music Programmers!

As a Christmas bonus to all our supporters and  friends, please download the broadcast ready, remastered version of Gabriel's timeless holiday hit 'Christmastime Is Here'. A perfect addition to your holiday programming. Download links below.

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2015 and 2016 were good years for Gabriel's all-star studded release Open Invitation, with guests Greg Manning, Cal Harris Jr, Bob Baldwin, Bob Mintzer, Rock Hendricks, Lew Laing, Jr., and others. His third single 'Charmed Life' from that album is still on the Billboard charts as of November 2016!

If you would like hard copy of the full cd, contact Neal Sapper at New World n Jazz or +1 (510) 260-0004. Here is a 10 song, 10 minute sampler:

And if you want to check out the latest single, see below:



Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's new release OPEN INVITATION is getting its final polishing touches and is slated for release right after Christmas. The album features stellar guests such as Greg Manning (featured on the single), Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), Bob Baldwin (Gabriel was featured on Bob's recent chart toppers Seabreeze and Chameleon 3000)Cal Harris Jr. (Shelter Island), Rock Hendricks (Paul Hardcastle), and Lew Laing (Paul Brown). You can get a taste of the deep musicality and radio friendly vibe on OPEN INVITATION soon via a short sampler... keep checking back here!

In the meantime, the first single PROPULSION (feat. Greg Manning) has been unleashed on the world and to radio. The official drop day (going for adds) is Oct 27, but satisfy your cravings with an advance download of your choice below.

For more info or hard copies of single or full CD, contact our label radio guru:

Neal Sapper, New World N Jazz Marketing & Promotion, e.   ph: 510 260-0004 

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T. Rose Entertainment  e.   ph. +1 (517) 410-6492 

Please send comments and 'quotable quotes' directly to Gabriel at e.  

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PROPULSION (mp3-highest vbr) (ISRC: CAHG51400001)

PROPULSION (mp3 320kbs)  (ISRC: CAHG51400001)

PROPULSION (full rez wav)  (ISRC: CAHG51400001)

PROPULSION (full rez flac)  (ISRC: CAHG51400001)

Be sure to check out Gabriel's full catalog at his Windtunnel Records  website store!

Current Bio:

Here are some of Gabriel's Billboard charting tracks from 2011 thru 2014

Rockin' The Ribjoint from 2011 Album of the Year (Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards)

Starpixie from 2012 Kissed By The Sun

Lock It Up from 2012 Kissed By The Sun

Ready When You Are from 2012 Kissed By The Sun

Seabreeze as featured soloist from Bob Baldwin's release Twenty

Chameleon 3000 as featured soloist from Bob Baldwin's release Twenty

Apache Warrior as featured soloist on Paul Hardcastle 7


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Gabriel's latest single 'Ready When You Are' is climbing the Billboard charts and it will be his third Billboard charting track from his latest release Kissed By The Sun, and his fourth under his own name. He has another half dozen as featured artist on tracks by artists such as Paul Hardcastle, Bob Baldwin, Rob Tardik, and Steve Oliver . 

The award winning multi-horn maestro Gabriel had the pleasure to tour extensively this last year in support of his third Billboard charting track 'Lock It Up' (which stayed on Billboard 15 weeks and most radio charts for nine months), and now his newest single 'Ready When You Are' is up on Billboard, too! Gabriel has spent more time on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz charts than any other Canadian performer, and has won Album of the Year and Instrumentalist of the Year Awards, as well as a JUNO (Canadian equivalent to a Grammy). He also has two straight ahead releases, one of which made a long stay on Jazz Week...

He has developed a really rocking show, full of contemporary and mainstream jazz content, and has played from California to Detroit, with lots of stops in between. He succeeds in keeping audiences pumped and enthralled. This spring he played three shows during the New Orleans French Quarter Fest including Mahogany Jazz Hall, then went over to Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale, and then on to a Freeport, then on to Phoenix, then Las Vegas for the City of Lights Jazz, Rhythm & Blues Festival where he performed with the fabulous Nick Colionne. A bit later in the summer he will be performing at the Jazz On Blue Mountain Fest in Ontario for his own show, and also as guest on the Gino Vanelli show, then as part of the Canadian Brass and Steel Show with Rob Tardik-guitar, Walle Larsson-saxes, and GMH-trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, at the The Lyric Theatre in Winnipeg.
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Here is a most auspicious Acceptance and Performance at the 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards
The latest charting track: Ready When You Are

and the last Billboard charting single 'Lock It Up'

Highlight reel of Gabriel's recent Arizona concert with guest vocalist, American Idol Finalist Crystal Stark
What the fans and promoters say

Gabriel is self sufficient if need be with his album tracks