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Gabriel's latest single 'Ready When You Are' is climbing the Billboard charts and it will be his third Billboard charting track from his latest release Kissed By The Sun, and his fourth under his own name. He has another half dozen as featured artist on tracks by artists such as Paul Hardcastle, Bob Baldwin, Rob Tardik, and Steve Oliver . 

The award winning multi-horn maestro Gabriel had the pleasure to tour extensively this last year in support of his third Billboard charting track 'Lock It Up' (which stayed on Billboard 15 weeks and most radio charts for nine months), and now his newest single 'Ready When You Are' is up on Billboard, too! Gabriel has spent more time on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz charts than any other Canadian performer, and has won Album of the Year and Instrumentalist of the Year Awards, as well as a JUNO (Canadian equivalent to a Grammy). He also has two straight ahead releases, one of which made a long stay on Jazz Week...

He has developed a really rocking show, full of contemporary and mainstream jazz content, and has played from California to Detroit, with lots of stops in between. He succeeds in keeping audiences pumped and enthralled. This spring he played three shows during the New Orleans French Quarter Fest including Mahogany Jazz Hall, then went over to Orlando and Ft. Lauderdale, and then on to a Freeport, then on to Phoenix, then Las Vegas for the City of Lights Jazz, Rhythm & Blues Festival where he performed with the fabulous Nick Colionne. A bit later in the summer he will be performing at the Jazz On Blue Mountain Fest in Ontario for his own show, and also as guest on the Gino Vanelli show, then as part of the Canadian Brass and Steel Show with Rob Tardik-guitar, Walle Larsson-saxes, and GMH-trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, at the The Lyric Theatre in Winnipeg.
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Here is a most auspicious Acceptance and Performance at the 2011 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards
The latest charting track: Ready When You Are

and the last Billboard charting single 'Lock It Up'

Highlight reel of Gabriel's recent Arizona concert with guest vocalist, American Idol Finalist Crystal Stark
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Gabriel is self sufficient if need be with his album tracks