Final round of picking Single Number 2!

Hi Friends and Knowledgeable Colleagues!

Propulsion, the first single from Open Invitation, made a pretty decent dent in Billboard and got the support of reporting stations, and now it is on to number 2!

I know I have asked you to weigh in on a second single pick before, but I am here again asking for a another listen to decide the final round.... There are many songs to like, but what song fits the radio format best?

COUNT ME IN seems to get a lot of love all 'round, but INIT2WINIT seems to have similar or maybe better attributes, like slick guitar, and horn tradeoffs. It is punchier and sounds alot like summer, and besides also adding sax, it has slightly more exciting solos throughout.

We are down to only these two, and are aiming for a July 15 Going For Adds date, so please cast your vote once again!  Respond to

Many thanks in advance.....


INIT 2 WINIT [radio edit 4:12]

COUNT ME IN [radio edit 4:20]

As a thank you bonus for helping out, feel free to download this unreleased track I recorded with the late great Ronny Jordan entitled Way After 8