New Single: Litmus Test

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's album Tongue & Groove on Mesa/Bluemoon earned him his 11th Billboard hit with Chill@Will (featuring Bob Baldwin), and now Litmus Test (feat Daniel Seguin) is being released into the wild and going for an even dozen at Billboard!

This 'intricately simple' song features Gabriel on his sassy/saucy/sexy flugelhorn, Daniel Seguin on alto sax and rhythm programming, Tony Seville on percussion, and Tony Moore on drums. Check out the video at the bottom of this page!

ISRC CAHG52200008  By Gabriel Mark Hasselbach / Windtunnel Music/ SOCAN and Daniel Seguin /Doso Music/ SOCAN

Stream or download the 4:00 Radio Edit below. Click the 3 dots to download!


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