Feels So Good never felt so good...

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's album Tongue & Groove spawned his 11th Billboard hit with Chill@Will! 

But there are some juicy tracks on that project which may not get as much attention, like Feels So Good.

No one has ever covered Chuck Mangione's iconic 1986 version, so since Gabriel has been handed the flugelhorn baton, he decided to reinvent an homage to the classic track. To that end, Gabriel enlisted Grant Geissman, the ORIGINAL guitarist on Mangione's version (who is currently charting with his own projects), and serendipitously is playing the exact same guitar he used on that evergreen song. Holding down the fort on rhythm and programming is the ubiquitous Miles Black, with Tony Moore on drums and of course Gabriel on flugelhorn.

You can stream or download both the radio version and the extended version below in your preferred format (click the three dots)

[Chuck Mangione/ Gates Music, Inc].

Feels So Good (radio edit) MP3 320  ISRC CAHG52100006

Feels So Good (extended mix) MP3 320   ISRC CAHG52100013

Feels So Good WAVE  (radio edit) 44.1/24  ISRC CAHG52100006

Feels So Good WAVE (extended mix) 44.1/24  ISRC CAHG52100013

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