Programmers: Thank You for Spinning MCMVol3!

Your spins and support for my most recent album MidCentury Modern Vol. 3 means a lot to me... much gratitude!

There may be a further rally in the future for this embarrassment of riches, and you could help! 

Keep your eye on Jazziz magazine and online for some in-depth and visual reporting on my journey thus far (I've been at it a long time!). 

You are most certainly inundated with new releases daily, with limited time to listen, but it is a well known fact that a little visualization helps to move things along for everyone. With that in mind, enjoy the videos below and keep spinning MCMV3! If you want to re-listen, download, or check the personnel, click here:

Let me know if you'd like some personalized Station IDs:

So keep swinging,

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Slow Hot Wind (official):
Bring It Home To Me (official):
Nutville (official):
Jonah's Joint (official):