Gabriel's Video Archive

Gabriel plays Tromba Trumpets and Flugelhorns, and also plays Flute, Valve Trombone, and Digital Winds.

Here is a link to his bio, and his updated schedule, and below are just some of his videos, the rest on the Windtunnel Multimedia YouTube Channel and VideoGram Interactive Channel.

San Pancho Festival

Plus many more:

Contemporary Jazz Awards show (official)

Contemporary Live Highlights (official) 

Mainstream Contemporary Mix Live Highlights 

Live at the Chandler Jazz Fest

Mainstream 'Jazz In The Sanctuary' Highlights (official)

Funk In Deepfreeze from 'Kissed By The Sun' (official)

Open Invitation - album highlights - official)

Count Me In from 'Open Invitation' (official- charted on Billboard)

Propulsion from 'Open Invitation' (official-charted on Billboard)

Ready When You Are from 'Kissed By The Sun' (official-charted on Billboard)

Starpixie from 'Kissed By The Sun' (official- charted on Billboard)

Lock It Up from 'Kissed By The Sun' (official-charted on Billboard)

Berlin from the album 'Cool Down' (official)

Come Back Home (Song for the Soldiers) - from the album 'Cool Down' (official)

Peace Song ft. Paul Brown and Miles Black - from the album 'Told Ya So' (official)

An Evening of Mainstream and Funky Jazz at Frankies Italian Kitchen

     Getting Funky

     UnReal Blues   

     King James  


     Rockin' The Ribjoint     

     Let It Slide    

     Mulberry Street   

     Getting Swingin'

     Night In Tunisia  




     Jazz n Samba   

     I Love You   

     Bags Groove   

Gabriel at the Blue Martini Jazz Cafe

     King James

Tokyo Mardi Gras shows


     Mean To Me 

-- Blue Frog Concert Stage  (Mulberry Street

-- Blue Frog Concert Stage  (Check This Out)  

-- Blue Frog Concert Stage  (Let It Slide)  

-- Blue Frog Concert Stage  (with Dee Daniels)  

-- Arizona show with  Crystal Stark:  

-- Detroit show 2013  with Alexander Zonjic  

-- Live Webcast 2013  from Spaghettini in Seal Beach, CA:  

-- Las Vegas Shows with Jeff Lorber

  1. Live Wire  

  2. Kissed By The Sun 

  3. Tune 88  

  4. Rockin’ The Ribjoint  

  5. UnReal Blues  

  6. Montserrat  

  7. He Had A Hat  

-- With Jeff Lorber at Loews Ventana, Tucson  

-- Jazz Cruise with Bob James, Robben Ford, and Tom Scott   

-- Asia Show with Jeremy Monteiro for the President of Singapore  

-- Jazz Alley Show with Marc Antoine and Brian Simpson  

-- Kuala Lumpur Jazz Fest  1.   Kuala Lumpur Jazz Fest  2.  

-- BET On Jazz- Live On Maui (aired in 41 countries) 

-- Vancouver Metrotower Show  

-- Tucson Old Pueblo Show

-- Jazz Alley Show 

-- Global TV performance  

-- Pender Harbor Jazz Fest Show  

-- Toronto Show with Michael Lington, Brian Culbertson, Alex Zonjic  

-- Toronto Show with Steve Oliver  1.   -- Toronto Show with Steve Oliver 2. 

-- Smooth Jazz Awards Show 2007  

-- Exceptional Fan Video  

--The Look In Your Eyes (fan video-SteffB) 


Gabriel's top videos

Smooth Jazz Awards show (official)

Contemporary Live Highlights (official) 

Mainstream Live Highlights (official)

Open Invitation (album medley-official)

Count Me In (official- charted on Billboard)

Propulsion video (official-charted on Billboard)

Funk In Deepfreeze (official)

Ready When You Are (official-charted on Billboard)

Starpixie  (official-charted on Billboard)

Lock It Up  (official-charted on Billboard)

Berlin (official)

Come Back Home (Song for the Soldiers) (official)


Gabriel's Christmas Classic

The sumptuous sound of Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's flugelhorn weaves a tapestry of holiday warmth with 'Christmastime Is Here'. This song is the touchstone of Gabriel's Holiday Notes (remastered) CD, available at CD BABY as download or disc, and iTunes, and Windtunnel Records as downloads. Stream to your heart's content at Spotify! To order physical discs email Typically $20.00 ppd, $10.00 for local pickup, and extra for courier.

This enduring rendition of the classic Vince Guaraldi song was made famous in the timeless Charlie Brown Christmas specials. Production includes Miles Black on keys and bass, and Tony Chamberlist on percussion. A very smooth way to slip into the Holiday Season! Three minute sampler below.

Watch the video of 'CHRISTMASTIME IS HERE':


Gabriel's Open Invitation - ON THE BALLOT for Grammy® 58


(see below for audio and video samples)

Award winning multi-instrumentalist GABRIEL MARK HASSELBACH (trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, trombone, digital winds) has a trifecta on his hands with 3 first round Grammy® nominations for Contemporary Instrumental Album of the Year, and two for Best Improvised Jazz Solo (Carte Blanche and Charmed Life) from the album Open Invitation.

If you are a Grammy® voting member, please take a listen to this satisfying project, loaded with name guest artists such as Bob Mintzer, Bob Baldwin, Greg Manning, Cal Harris Jr, and many more.... 

Read the awesome reviews! Find out everything about Gabriel here.

Listen below and cast a vote, or just keep your fingers crossed for this unique wind instrumentalist! Grammy® Ballots must be received by Nov 4, so sit down today and get bizzy! Request radio servicing of the whole album or the latest single 'Count Me In' from Easy to find on your ballots:

Contemporary Instrumental Album OPEN INVITATION (highlights)  

Best Improvised Jazz Solo 'CARTE BLANCHE'  

Best Improvised Jazz Solo 'CHARMED LIFE'  

Besides a JUNO Award, two JUNO/TechnicsAll Star Band’ Awards, a West Coast Music Award, a Jazz In The Park ‘Best Instrumental Performance’ Award, an Ampex Golden Reel Award, and several gold and platinum albums to his credit (as a seminal member of Powder Blues), 2011 saw Gabriel win both prestigious ‘Album of the Year’ and ‘Instrumentalist of the Year’ awards at the Canadian Smoothies for his tour de force ‘Told Ya So’. Let's add a Grammy to the list!

Open Invitation video video (album medley-official)

Count Me In video (official- charted on Billboard)

Propulsion video (official-charted on Billboard)

Smooth Jazz Awards show (official)

Contemporary Live Highlights video (official) 

Mainstream Live Highlights video (official)

Open Invitation reviews:

Complete catalog at:


Many recent titles at:

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~ Amazon JAPAN!: Invitation-Gabriel-Mark-Hasselbach/dp/B00R9ZKAH2

~ Liner notes:

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Gabriels new single Count Me In

Welcome to the Radio Single Download Page for Gabriel Mark Hasselbach, powered by New World 'n' Jazz Radio Promotions.

Gabriel is a unique cat, an Artist/Producer playing trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, trombone, and EVI.... a peerless feat! With a dozen albums out, a variety of kudos including JUNOs (Canadian equiv of a Grammy), plus Album of the Year and Instrumentalist of the Year awards, he has carved out a unique and polished niche. Gabriel has had five singles of his own chart in the Billboard Top 20, and a few Top 5's as featured soloist with Paul Hardcastle and Bob Baldwin.

The new cd Open Invitation had an exciting launch, with the first single, Propulsion, debuting as #1 Most Added and charted on Billboard at #17.

The second single, aptly named 'Count Me In' is out of the starting gate now and here for you! 

Going For Adds Aug 17~  so satisfy your cravings and get in the loop with an easy download of your choice belowRather than the expensive, wasteful, and inefficient CD mailouts of yore, we would like you to quickly and easily preview and download the new powerhouse radio edit from Gabriel.

OPEN INVITATION has already made a strong impact at Billboard and Reporting Stations since its release a few months ago, and just been submitted for Grammy consideration. The album features stellar guests such as Greg ManningBob Mintzer (Yellowjackets)Bob Baldwin (Gabriel was featured on Bob's recent chart toppers Seabreeze and Chameleon 3000)Cal Harris Jr. (Shelter Island)Rock Hendricks (Paul Hardcastle)Lew Laing (Paul Brown), and  Adam Rohrlick, who is featured guitarist on Count Me In.

Read the glowing reviews:

For more info or hard copies of single or full CD, contact our radio guru: Neal Sapper, New World N Jazz Marketing & Promotion, e.   ph: 510 260-0004 

Please send comments and 'quotable quotes' directly to Gabriel at e.  

Check out the full site:  For booking contact:  

COUNT ME IN (ISRC: CA‐HG5‐14‐00002)  Written by Gabriel Hasselbach and Lew Laing, Jr. Published by Windtunnel Music/SOCAN and Jordan Balter Music/ BMI. Windtunnel Records 2015

Stream or download COUNT ME IN (radio edit 4:17)


MP3 320


See, feel, and hear the new official video! 

If you want to burn a cd, here is a little sleeve you can print with a spine.


Final round of picking Single Number 2!

Hi Friends and Knowledgeable Colleagues!

Propulsion, the first single from Open Invitation, made a pretty decent dent in Billboard and got the support of reporting stations, and now it is on to number 2!

I know I have asked you to weigh in on a second single pick before, but I am here again asking for a another listen to decide the final round.... There are many songs to like, but what song fits the radio format best?

COUNT ME IN seems to get a lot of love all 'round, but INIT2WINIT seems to have similar or maybe better attributes, like slick guitar, and horn tradeoffs. It is punchier and sounds alot like summer, and besides also adding sax, it has slightly more exciting solos throughout.

We are down to only these two, and are aiming for a July 15 Going For Adds date, so please cast your vote once again!  Respond to

Many thanks in advance.....


INIT 2 WINIT [radio edit 4:12]

COUNT ME IN [radio edit 4:20]

As a thank you bonus for helping out, feel free to download this unreleased track I recorded with the late great Ronny Jordan entitled Way After 8


Open Invitation - new recording from Gabriel Mark Hasselbach

Open Invitation is garnering rave reviews and hitting the charts...... download the entire album and liner notes below.

See what the industry is saying about award winning multi-hornmeister Gabriel Mark Hasselbach:

From USA:

Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's new CD "Open Invitation" on which he wrote all the tunes and plays trumpet, flugel, alto and C flutes, valve bone, and EVI, is a tour de force of arranging and production..... Gabriel sounds great on everything.... no easy task, and should be really proud of this one! You'll find yourself humming these tunes when you least expect it!  Randy Brecker ..... multiple Grammy winning trumpeter (Brecker Bros, etc)

"Canadian trumpeter Gabriel Mark Hasselbach returns on Open Invitation with his proven formula for success: a cadre of talented guest artists, fresh, funky rhythms ... in yet another winning set from GMH"   D. Oscar  Groomes, O's Place Jazz

From Germany:

"With Open Invitation it becomes apparent that Gabriel needn't shy away from comparison with any other trumpeter in the world" Hans-Bernd Hülsmann- Smooth Jazz Daily

From Canada:

"I recently received trumpeter Gabriel Hasselbach's new cd Open Invitation and I highly recommend it!  It's fast, classy and progressive and full of great all-star guest performers. I can see why the first single release, Propulsion, with special guest Greg Manning is sweeping the jazz world - it's just great music! I guarantee months of repeat playing of Gabriel's new music on my jazz program! Keep up the good work and great music Gabriel!"   Bill Sharpe, host of Newfoundland's only jazz program Cool Jazz On The Coast     (see more)

From Switzerland:

Gabriel - Open Invitation (2014)
Trumpet player Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - currently calling himself just Gabriel - comes up with an awesome album full of memorable tracks and tons of first-rate guest players, like Bob Mintzer, Bob Baldwin, Greg Manning and many others. The music is groovy and offers a lot of variety, the musicianship is on a high level, and the smooth trumpet and flugelhorn playing of the leader holds it all together. Great stuff!

Peter Boehi Switzerland

 #3 most played in  Australia        

Most added at Billboard         

Multiple Billboard Top Twenties       

Notable and rich EPK

CD Liner notes

Listen to full versions:

Count Me In (feat Adam Rohrlick)

Propulsion (feat Greg Manning)

Open Invitation (feat Cal Harris Jr)

Init2Winit (feat Dameian Walsh)

Charmed Life (feat Bob Baldwin)

Lovelight (feat Dee & Brittani Cole)

Let's Do This Thing (feat Olaf deShield)

Let It Slide (feat Bob Mintzer)

Aurora Borealis (feat Rock Hendricks)

Carte Blanche (feat Cory Weeds)

5 minute sampler medley

Request Broadcast tracks or full cds from whomever sent you to this page.

Smooth Jazz Awards show 


Christmas Bonus for Music Programmers!

As a Christmas bonus to all our supporters and  friends, please download the broadcast ready, remastered version of Gabriel's timeless holiday hit 'Christmastime Is Here'. A perfect addition to your holiday programming. Download links below.

Choose your format:

2015 and 2016 were good years for Gabriel's all-star studded release Open Invitation, with guests Greg Manning, Cal Harris Jr, Bob Baldwin, Bob Mintzer, Rock Hendricks, Lew Laing, Jr., and others. His third single 'Charmed Life' from that album is still on the Billboard charts as of November 2016!

If you would like hard copy of the full cd, contact Neal Sapper at New World n Jazz or +1 (510) 260-0004. Here is a 10 song, 10 minute sampler:

And if you want to check out the latest single, see below:



Gabriel Mark Hasselbach's new release OPEN INVITATION is getting its final polishing touches and is slated for release right after Christmas. The album features stellar guests such as Greg Manning (featured on the single), Bob Mintzer (Yellowjackets), Bob Baldwin (Gabriel was featured on Bob's recent chart toppers Seabreeze and Chameleon 3000)Cal Harris Jr. (Shelter Island), Rock Hendricks (Paul Hardcastle), and Lew Laing (Paul Brown). You can get a taste of the deep musicality and radio friendly vibe on OPEN INVITATION soon via a short sampler... keep checking back here!

In the meantime, the first single PROPULSION (feat. Greg Manning) has been unleashed on the world and to radio. The official drop day (going for adds) is Oct 27, but satisfy your cravings with an advance download of your choice below.

For more info or hard copies of single or full CD, contact our label radio guru:

Neal Sapper, New World N Jazz Marketing & Promotion, e.   ph: 510 260-0004 

For booking contact:

T. Rose Entertainment  e.   ph. +1 (517) 410-6492 

Please send comments and 'quotable quotes' directly to Gabriel at e.  

Check out the full site:


PROPULSION (mp3-highest vbr) (ISRC: CAHG51400001)

PROPULSION (mp3 320kbs)  (ISRC: CAHG51400001)

PROPULSION (full rez wav)  (ISRC: CAHG51400001)

PROPULSION (full rez flac)  (ISRC: CAHG51400001)

Be sure to check out Gabriel's full catalog at his Windtunnel Records  website store!

Current Bio:

Here are some of Gabriel's Billboard charting tracks from 2011 thru 2014

Rockin' The Ribjoint from 2011 Album of the Year (Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards)

Starpixie from 2012 Kissed By The Sun

Lock It Up from 2012 Kissed By The Sun

Ready When You Are from 2012 Kissed By The Sun

Seabreeze as featured soloist from Bob Baldwin's release Twenty

Chameleon 3000 as featured soloist from Bob Baldwin's release Twenty

Apache Warrior as featured soloist on Paul Hardcastle 7