Gabriel's new compilation: The Vocalists

This is an idea whose time has come! Over the last 14 albums, Gabriel has always added a vocal or two on his predominantly instrumental award winning albums, and they are finally all in one place. 

17 tracks on The Vocalists feature the likes of Michael Bublé, Dee Daniels, Christine Duncan, Nancy Ruth, Amanda Wood, Mike Taylor, Andre Montague, Barbara Fisher, and Gabriel as Satchmo.

This is the only place you can get physical discs, and also for the time being, downloads. If you have a preferred DSP, The Vocalists will show up there soon, but get a great value here.

$20 postage paid for a CD

$10 for a hi resolution mp3 download 

$25 postage paid for a triple pack USB drive with The Vocalists + Tongue & Groove + MidCentury Modern Vol.3, the three most current charting CDs.


Also other albums are available in physical discs and downloads: