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MidCentury Modern is a winning trifecta -  the complete Gabriel - a seamless melding of straight ahead, contemporary, and NOLA styles. It is a trifecta of jazz where the sum is greater than the parts! This is a cohesive album nonetheless, with classic tunes featuring erudite and extensive soloing; beautiful ballads that coax out a hidden melancholy; and exuberant New Orleans flavors that get the party started.

"If you are a Grammy voter, please consider Gabriel Mark Hasselbach if voting in 'Best Jazz Instrumental Album' and 'Best Improvised Jazz Solo'"

This album is made up of classics culled from the discographies of Blue Mitchell, Freddie Hubbard, Joe Gordon, Benny Golson, Miles Davis, Nat Cole, plus a few choice originals (Comin' Home for Mardi Gras and UberSmooth).

The stars are aligned: Gabriel Mark Hasselbach - trumpet, flugelhorn, flute, valve trombone, vocal on Comin' Home for Mardi Gras

Ernie Watts- tenor on Terra Firma Irma;  Cory Weeds - tenor on Blues On My Mind;  Miles Black - piano;  Joel Fountain - drums;  Laurence Mollerup - dbl bass;  Mike Taylor - vocal on Nature Boy;  Olaf deShield on Mississippi Jump (radio mix).

Gabriel has a plethora of awards, NINE Billboard hits, and Album of the Year + Instrumentalist of the Year awards, and 3 JUNO Awards (Canadian version of a Grammy).

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