Gabriel's 2024 project in progress

Here is my work-in-progress album project, Count Your Lucky Stars, slated for a spring 2024 release. None of these are final, but at approx 90% complete. I will update tracks in the background as they get nearer completion, so check back often.

The pairing of Gabriel and Lew Laing Jr (who co authored Gabe's Billboard charting album Open Invitation) is a match made in heaven! Lew plays most all rhythm instruments and programming, Gabe plays trumpet, flute, flugelhorn, C and alto flutes). Guest appearances from Alfie Zappacosta, Miles Black, Eddie Bullen, Andrew Jacob Scott, and more.

This page is for close industry associates to help guide this project to a radio single pick- it feels like an embarrassment of riches sometimes- and finding the catchiest earworm may take some time. Keep listening through these and help pick a winner! Comments to  REFRESH YOUR BROWSER EACH VISIT!

Count Your Lucky Stars

Positive Space

Just a Little Fling

Funky Lew

We Are (feat Alfie Zappacosta)

That Being Said

State of Play (feat Andrew Jacob Scott)

Force of Habit (feat Miles Black)

Written In The Stars (feat Eddie Bullen)

Show of Hands

Paris Solstice  (feat Miles Black)