Gabriel doubles down on the charts

Gabriel has a hot single currently charting on Billboard called CHARMED LIFE (feat. Bob Baldwin). 

If you don't already have it or aren't playing it, preview it then download the mp3 or wav file below... and catch the enchanting video: 

Download the Radio Edit (4:17)

It is also the start of the Holiday Season, so replenish your holiday programming with the sumptuous sound of Gabriel's flugelhorn, as it weaves a tapestry of holiday warmth with 'Christmastime Is Here'. This song is the touchstone of Gabriel's Holiday Notes cd, available at Windtunnel Records as download or disc.

This enduring rendition of the classic song was made famous in the timeless Charlie Brown Christmas specials. Production includes Miles Black on keys and bass, and Tony Chamberlist on percussion. A very smooth way to slip into the Holiday Season!

Download the broadcast ready mp3 or wav files below!

Watch the video of CHRISTMASTIME IS HERE: